Interview with the responsible of Portuguese partner – Proandi

What do you find interesting in your activity? “With the active participation in the HostVet Project – Improvement of the management of local hosting VET organizations in touristic sector, it is being possible for Proandi and those involved in the training process, to incorporate good practices and new work methodologies, not only in VET, as […]

An Interview with Katia Maccarone, Managing Director of Mad For Europe

What do you find interesting in your activity? We have found it very interesting to offer this type of experience and opportunities to young Europeans who want to train for work, as well as the network we have managed to create with the companies, which has allowed us to disseminate European programmes at a local […]

Interview with the project manager for Hostvet project on behalf of IED-Fenia Kalantzi

Fenia Kalantzi – IED project manager for Hostvet Project 1-What do you find interesting in your activity?The past years that I have been involved in the HOSTVET project-Improvement of the Management of local hosting VET organisation in the touristic sector has been a great pleasure for me personally since the thematics apply for the touristic […]

Interview with Tia Formazione Senior project Manager in VET activities

What do you find interesting in your activity? What I like more is the fact that our activity is always different, every day when you open your eyes you don’t know what will happen, it assures a big sense of creativity. Why EU projects? Because it gives the opportunity to know different reality and because […]

LTTA of the project in Sardinia and how the touristic sector is improving

From the 1st to the 6th of May 2022, we had the opportunity to meet in Sardinia with all the HOSTVET Partners (from Italy, Greece and Portugal). It has been a meeting where we have reached all the objectives proposed, and we worked a lot in the final results of the project, as it was […]

Final steps of HOSTVET project and the importance of europeanisation

The LTTA (training activity) took place in Sardinia between 1-6 of May 2022 as foreseen by HOSTVET project. The partnership of Hostvet project met in person to discuss project’s results, evaluate the objectives reached and discuss about future final steps. The discussions revolved around dissemination activites, financial matters, modules presented by each partner and the […]

What are the pillars of the recovery of Tourism for the coming times?

Sustainability, Digitalization And Innovation is the new commitment to a more sustainable and growing tourism for 2022. Consumer preferences have changed. Today’s travelers, especially the younger generation, prefer to spend money on eco-friendly products and experiences that take into account issues such as fuel consumption and plastic reduction. In fact, according to the most recent […]

2022 Hostvet LTTA in SARDINIA : activities and next steps

Finally the LTTA of the HOSTVET project, 8 participants, two per partner organization, has been held. The new outputs of the project were realised and planned in the frame of a fantastic sea. Alghero was the venue of the meeting. With colleagues from IED (link IED), Mad For Europe, PROANDI we planned the new stages […]

The state of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry in 2022

Summer 2022 is quickly approaching, and many destinations are ready to open their doors to travelers. However, a major question remains unanswered. Will this year be any better for the hospitality and tourism industries than the previous two, given that COVID-19 is still in place? The pandemic has had a profound impact on the tourism […]

VisitPortugal is the host of the Green Destinations Story Awards 2022 ceremony at ITB Berlin VisitPortugal, demonstrating Portugal’s commitment to the development of sustainable tourism, is hosting the award ceremony for the Green Destinations Story Prizes 2022, which takes place during ITB Berlin and broadcast online on the Zoom platform, on 11 March 2022.Organized by Green Destinations (a non-profit foundation dedicated to sustainable tourism and accredited by the Global […]