Why Tourism is Ideal to Promote Youth Employment

It is always sad to see young people being out of employment, education, or training. Or else, what we call young people in this situation as NEETs. Young people are at the peak of their productivity, and they are just starting their adult lives to fulfill their dreams. Therefore, our society must provide them with […]

Visit to a Touristic Company in Madrid

From the 29th of November to the 1st of December, we had a Meeting in Madrid of the KA2 HOSTVET Project. It was a very successful meeting where all partners from the different countries (Italy, Portugal, Greece and Spain) contributed explaining the activities done in their regions. Also, we discussed about the next tasks and […]

Tourism in times of pandemic

It is in the shadow of a new wave of Covid-19 that the twenty-fourth General Assembly of the World Tourism Organization starts in Madrid. It is the first magna meeting of this United Nations agency since the pandemic was declared and it constitutes a challenge: in the Spanish capital there are more than a thousand […]


Looking at the need of a sustainable society it is considered a core element a sustainable tourism, and there are a lot of  activities that are taking place to the aim of creating a sustainable tourism and its development. A sustainable tourism, as mentioned by the World Tourism organization,  should: Make optimal use of environmental […]

Turismo de Portugal present at Web Summit 2021

Between conferences, pitches and workshops, Turismo de Portugal challenges Web Summit participants to try Portuguese cuisine. Between 1 and 4 November, a team of 200 students and 10 trainers from the Portuguese Tourism Schools will provide catering for the event. The objective is to promote the assets of Portugal as a tourist destination, promoting the […]

Tourism in 2022: What trends should we expect for next year?

Tourism is one of the sectors that were affected the most by the COVID-19 pandemic. But as the situation is still fluid and scientists expect more mutations to come out, we can only speculate about the future of tourism in 2022. The situation in 2021 was better than the previous year, but will this positive […]

Next Tourism Generation

Make a virtue of necessity. This is how the moment in which the tourism sector can be defined. A time when countries have to strengthen their resilience by transforming their tourism model, in order to promote its modernization and maintain its competitiveness in the international market. In this context, the European funds from the Next […]

The Future of Tourism: The Post-pandemic Transformation “Devastating” pandemic for tourism with loss of 62 million jobs

The pandemic and related travel restrictions “had enormous social and economic effects that reverberated through countries, destinations, communities and families around the world,” said Julia Simpson.The Executive President of the World Travel and Tourism Council, Julia Simpson, said this thursday the Covid-19 pandemic “has been devastating” for employment in the sector, having lost 62 million […]