An Interview with Katia Maccarone, Managing Director of Mad For Europe

Katia Maccarone, Managing Director of Mad For Europe

What do you find interesting in your activity?

We have found it very interesting to offer this type of experience and opportunities to young Europeans who want to train for work, as well as the network we have managed to create with the companies, which has allowed us to disseminate European programmes at a local level, which is fundamental. But above all, we offer training opportunities for both students and companies, as we believe that it is a mutual enrichment and that both benefit from it.

After the implementation of the Hostvet Project, what do you think could be interested to implement for KA1 activities?

In order to involve the companies more, we would like to create guidelines for all of them so that we can give them at the beginning of the year with all the pros of accepting participants for internships. If we manage to create a new project related to Hostvet, we can create new results that can be used all over Europe but with guidelines, evaluation questionnaires useful for all of them, etc.

Do you think the results of this project are useful to involve the companies in your VET activities?

Yes, of course. This project has helped us to increase our way of working with companies as we have been able to get more accurate information. In addition, we have managed to expand our network in companies, bringing these experiences to a European level.

Which results do you think to use for your activity related to the results of the Hostvet Project?

The Erasmus+ presentation materials for companies and the Handbook that all partners created in order to be able to implement and disseminate it in the future.

How do you think the Commision can improve the quality of VET activities?

The European Commission is moving a lot in recent times to improve VET opportunities and make them more valuable, but I think what is most needed and what I have seen in preparing VET projects I have worked on is to increase the attractiveness of these opportunities across Europe. There is a lot of prejudice and projects like Hostvet will make VET more valuable for young students.

Do you think that the results of this project are useful to involve the companies in your VET activites?

Yes, of course.

After this project do you think to continue and how the VET activities for your organization?

Yes, we will continue with these activities and services we do with companies. We would like to have annual meetings and improve communication in general with companies through infodays.

What conclusions do you have of the Hostvet project?

We have created a very good partnership in which we have cooperated and thanks to working together, we have been able to achieve good results. All in all, we are left with great teamwork, new partners for the future and very promising ideas to promote VET student placements in our country.


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