Interview with Tia Formazione Senior project Manager in VET activities

Ines Caloisi – Tia Formazione Senior project Manager

What do you find interesting in your activity?

What I like more is the fact that our activity is always different, every day when you open your eyes you don’t know what will happen, it assures a big sense of creativity.

Why EU projects?

Because it gives the opportunity to know different reality and because EU is the only one existing lighthouse   of policies and programmes

How do you think vet sector could be implemented?

Long story, first of all it depends if we talk of KA1 or KA2. For sure, it’s not so well retributed in EU projects and it is full of responsibility, on the other hand it gives the opportunity to know the world of education at a ore deep level, from youth to adults to professionals.

What has been the contribution of Hostvet to your activity?

First of all, till now, two months from the conclusion, it has been a great cooperation with partners, positive and stimulating. Second it has given the opportunity to give the chance of activating a new network and considering that we have working during pandemic era, we have managed to face this risk in a project in a constructive way, as example with our partners we also have provided a way of managing projects such the KA1 in pandemic situations defining guidelines approved by all of us.

What do you expect from this project?

A positive evaluation from the National agency, as coordinator we made strong efforts to work adequately and to respond to all the challenges expressed in the proposal, we are also planning a follow up that we manage to complete and to get approved.


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