Interview with the project manager for Hostvet project on behalf of IED-Fenia Kalantzi

Fenia Kalantzi – IED project manager for Hostvet Project

1-What do you find interesting in your activity?
The past years that I have been involved in the HOSTVET project-Improvement of the Management of local hosting VET organisation in the touristic sector has been a great pleasure for me personally since the thematics apply for the touristic sectror, a sector of great finacial importance for a mediterranean country such as Greece. The partnership worked really hard regardless the unprecedented situation of the pandemic and have created high quality deliverables.

2-After the impelmentation of Hostvet project what do you think it could be interested to impelement for KA1 activities?
As an organisation we are not focused on the implementation of KA1 projects however, we are planning to utilise all the deliverables developed throughout HOSTVET project’s life cycle for othe activities in other projects that will provide great input and assistance. Moreover, we have established a great network of collaboration the past years of our activity and we are planning to disseminate and provide the knowledge and materials gained from HOSTVET project to this network.

3-Do you think are the results of this project useful to involve the companies in yur VET activities?
The guidance provided through project’s deliverables is very useful for companies that want to be included in European schemes and implement internships followinf the european indications and regulations. As partnership we have developed detailed methodological guides through our personal experience as organisations, sharing our best practices and developing modules that have as purpose to prepare, inform and educated future companies that are interested in getting involved.

4-Which results do you think to use for your activity related to the results of HOSTVET project?
All activities implemented throughout the project are of great importance, however the moduled developed since we have great experience in the creation of training courses and modules are the ones that I find the most useful and that can provide great assistance to entities that want to be part of the europeanisation.

5-After this project do you think to continue and how the VET activities for your organisation?
Our primar goal is to disseminate all materials developed throughout project’s cycle and make good use of all deliverables to spread the information shared in the HOSTVET project and hopefully to assist in educating future stakeholders.In the great number of courses that we implement regularly we are planning to use the developed materials in every opportunity that rises.


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