LTTA of the project in Sardinia and how the touristic sector is improving

From the 1st to the 6th of May 2022, we had the opportunity to meet in Sardinia with all the HOSTVET Partners (from Italy, Greece and Portugal). It has been a meeting where we have reached all the objectives proposed, and we worked a lot in the final results of the project, as it was a LTTA.

It has been days of teamwork where each partner presented the activities they had done in their countries, how they had done them and what they planned for the future with the intention to further promote this HOSTVET project. Face-to-face meetings are very productive and so it was. One of the points we insisted on the most was the involvement of new companies in the project, which we will continue to work on.

The meeting place was in Alghero, and we also had the opportunity to visit more places around the island, such as Bosa, where we received the certificates.

Related with this project (hosting tourism), from MAD for Europe we have appreciated very much the touristic richness that Sardinia has to offer. We also had the opportunity to visit some of the other towns and villages on the island and we were welcomed in a very friendly and welcoming manner. This is very important when it comes to promoting tourism in a region, and we believe that Sardinia is such a place.

About the price, the hotels in Sardinia is high due to the demand. In the case of Spain, during the past few months, due to this high demand throughout the country, hotel prices have risen by up to 50.5%. There are more and more tourists due to the dates, so the hotel sector is taking advantage of this situation. More and more are implementing sustainable measures in order to be able to generate an attraction among their customers.

This is a good thing for the sector as tourism is expected to create almost eight million jobs in Europe over the next 10 years, according to the latest Economic Impact Report (EIR) of the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC). Its forecasts also indicate that the sector will once again be the engine of Europe’s economic recovery after the bad times of COVID. Europe’s recovery is partly due to significant increases in key destinations such as Greece (up 75% year-on-year), Turkey (61%) and Italy (59%).


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