Final steps of HOSTVET project and the importance of europeanisation

The LTTA (training activity) took place in Sardinia between 1-6 of May 2022 as foreseen by HOSTVET project. The partnership of Hostvet project met in person to discuss project’s results, evaluate the objectives reached and discuss about future final steps.

The discussions revolved around dissemination activites, financial matters, modules presented by each partner and the decision to create a whole presentation addressed to companies informing them regarding the available funding opportunities in order to reach europeanisation and take advantage of the existing schemes.

The advantages of participating in European collaborations besides getting fundings from European funding instruments,is that successful candidates receive much more than just money to expedite their project in addition to financing from European funding instruments.

To begin with, it allows for the anticipation of upcoming technologies and the conduct of R&D&I operations with the top researchers and skills. Second, it is a method of identifying new business prospects as well as strengthening and diversifying corporate innovation and business networks. The worldwide market is influenced by EU initiatives, standards, and regulations. Companies will be more likely to have a say in how they evolve if the EU collaborates actively.

That is the reason HOSTVET partnership has shown great interest in educating companies regarding the existing schemes. The final activity of HOSTVET project will be for partners to meet in Portugal in July of 2022 and hopefully more succesfull cooperations will follow in the future.


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