What are the pillars of the recovery of Tourism for the coming times?

Sustainability, Digitalization And Innovation is the new commitment to a more sustainable and growing tourism for 2022. Consumer preferences have changed. Today’s travelers, especially the younger generation, prefer to spend money on eco-friendly products and experiences that take into account issues such as fuel consumption and plastic reduction. In fact, according to the most recent data, 71% of consumers would be willing to pay more for sustainable tourism.

Although the recovery in travel and tourism seems to be an upward trend, in 2022 according to data collected by GWI (GlobalWebIndex), less than 49% of consumers said they will increase their tourism expenses. It is increasingly observed in all markets worldwide that the needs, preferences and requirements of travelers have changed dramatically.

Travelers are increasingly looking for personalized experiences. Consumers aspire to a new concept of individualized Tourism, seeking to discover new and different places. In this sense, the extraction and evaluation of large amounts of data brings us closer to the real needs of the customer, allowing companies to offer a tailor-made service, which, above all, meets their needs.

It is a time of change for the players in the travel and tourism market, who will have to bet more than ever on personalized and sustainable experiences, based on trust and cutting-edge technology to bring unforgettable experiences to today’s travelers. Undoubtedly, social networks can be an effective channel to connect with the target audience thanks to their reach and a wide variety of formats, but they are also sometimes unsafe environments for brands.

Source – https://ctp.org.pt/noticias/pilares-da-recuperacao-do-turismo-sustentabilidade-digitalizacao-e-inovacao?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=maio22_pilares_da_recuperacao_do_turismo_sustentabilidade_digitalizacao_e_inovacao&fbclid=IwAR11bO1ssFwIgnckNqxpbLtIPmJvJxHC0pr_-pYmuizyEnaawSkpujdM-Ew


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