“From 10th to the 1st: discover the most beautiful pueblos in Spain and their hidden secrets”

In Spain there are lot of big and famous cities that are destination for tourist from all over the world. Beside of them, Spain counts also on plenty of villages, the so-called “pueblos”, which are very little and with few inhabitants.

Despite of that, inside of pueblos are hidden lot of magical places, with touristic, historical and cultural relevance, which deserve to be appreciated as the big cities.

Here’s a list with some examples of pueblos that could be interesting to visit, especially if you are planning a one day trip. The special thing about this list is that it’s ordered from 10th to 1st place, to discover the order of the most beautiful pueblos reading it.

•          The 10th position is occupied by Cudillero, a pueblo in Asturias, a region located in the north of Spain. His particularity is that it’s between mountains and sea, so the view is spectacular and breathtaking.

•          The 9th position goes to Bulnes, which is also located in Asturias. This is one of the smallest pueblos in Spain, with less than 30 inhabitants. You can visit Bulnes only utilizing a funicular to go there or walking through a difficult path.

•          The 8th place is property of Roncal, in the region of Navarra, always in the north of Spain. Its pavements are completely made by stones and has also some point of good interest like San Esteban church or the mausoleo dedicated to Julian Gayarre.

•          Now we switch to isles, going to Canaria: you can find the 7th place there. This is the turn of Augulo, en Gomera region. This is the right place to admire the Atlantic Ocean, and in this pueblo there’s a high contrast of colors: blue of the sea is mixed with the green of nature and cultivations.

•          The 6th position goes to Valverde de la Vera, a pueblo in Caceres, in the center of Spain. His particularity are the small rivers with clean water who arrive at every house. They use them as drinking water but also for toilet water. They are called “Regateras”, and are an ancient practice, remained here from lot of years.

•          We are getting closer to de podium. The 5th position is occupied by Nuevo Baztán, which is in the Madrid province. This pueblo is specialized in handle and production of glass and textiles.

•          In the 4th place we can find Genalguacil, in Malaga’s area. In this town there’s a lot of Arabic culture, which is an heritage from many of years ago. That’s the reason why all the buildings are white, according to Arabic custom.

•          Third place, bronze medal: Baños de la Encina, in the region of Jaen, in the hinterland of south of Spain. One of his principals architecture is Fortaleza Califal, who is from the year 968, where occurred the battles between Muslims and Christians.

•          Silver medal goes to pueblo of Molinaseca, which is in the area of Leon. It’s a part of the famous Camino de Santiago. Here you can find also Puente de los pelegrinos, an antique bridge from the roman age. If you come here you will immediately breathe medieval atmosphere.

•          First place and gold medal, the most beautiful pueblo of Spain in 2021: welcome to Beget, in the Giron’s province. But why this is the best pueblo in Spain? Firstable, it’s because of his ancient architecture that have been preserved through centuries. Second reason: because its inhabitants are less than twenty: very few people, even for a little town like Beget.

Now that you know the most beautiful pueblos what are you waiting? Come in Spain and enjoy them from the 10th to the first!


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