Preparation of LTTA meeting (May 1-6) HOSTVET project

We are now approaching the last 6 months of a complex project, crossed by the pandemic and extended by one year. A project that has seen the exit of the Belgian partner, the difficulties arising from the complexity of the issues of buffers, flights and disease risk, the constant change of rules and our organisations, made up of people, always looking for solutions.

We will be able to recover the meeting in Portugal before the closing and to complete every phase of the project, Tia formazione, the applicant, in the meantime has left Sardinia and has its operational headquarters in Rome, this will allow to decide the best way and where to organize the LTTA (Learning Teaching Training Activities) distributing and defining the training modules, as indicated in the project.

The realisation of the training will then take place in Portugal and will constitute a training structure of easy accessibility repromoted by the partner organisations also at the end of the project action.

After the quality assessment we are currently in the phase of organising the LTTA with the aim of creating an interesting replicable and sustainable opportunity for the HOstvet project.

A Hostvet network is also being defined and will be useful for further VET actions in the future.


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