Why Tourism is Ideal to Promote Youth Employment

It is always sad to see young people being out of employment, education, or training. Or else, what we call young people in this situation as NEETs. Young people are at the peak of their productivity, and they are just starting their adult lives to fulfill their dreams. Therefore, our society must provide them with all the necessary opportunities to start on the right foot.

Due to its characteristics, tourism is one of those industries that seem ideal to promote youth employment. Not only can they find work, but they also obtain critical skills for their professional life, and at the same time have experiences of a lifetime.

The importance of youth employment

Youth employment is critical for individuals and society. In the absence of work opportunities for the youth, they are likely to end up in poverty and become socially excluded. Also, it is possible to grow as unstable individuals and become violent as a result.

Furthermore, high youth unemployment has also been linked to more long-term adverse effects. Young people having trouble finding a job early on in their careers have lower overall earnings and fewer career opportunities.

The tourism industry seems like it could significantly promote youth employment and upskilling to avoid the above negative consequences.

What makes tourism the ideal industry for youth

Tourism was one of the sectors with the highest growth worldwide up until the start of the pandemic. As a result of this growth, the sector offers many opportunities for both skilled and unskilled labor. This is very important for young people, especially those with no previous job experience or relevant qualifications.


Working in the tourism industry can give youth the flexibility they seek. For example, they could be seasonal workers during the summer months or work flexible hours during weekdays. Young people favor flexibility at work for various reasons. First, being flexible allows them to both study and work and at the same time. Secondly, making their schedules easier, they can manage their social life, which is important to them.


Tourism is ideal for promoting youth employment as the sector’s perks draw young people. For starters, young people are more likely to seek new experiences. Being young, they have not experienced the world yet, and getting to know new cultures and languages seems ideal. Working in tourism, they will meet people from all over the world or even have the opportunity to work abroad.

Opportunities for foreigners

Not all European countries or regions have a developed tourist sector or enough opportunities for the employment youth. But this is not a problem for Europeans as they can move freely to any EU country they want. Working in the tourism industry requires good communication skills and knowledge of foreign languages, especially English. Therefore, it is not uncommon to see people from abroad working in the sector as they have a more international background.

Meaningful careers

Working in tourism is ideal for a meaningful career and good pay. The barriers of entry to the sector are low as there are various jobs relevant to tourism. You can become a receptionist, wait tables at local restaurants, become a local tour operator, and many more. There are so many jobs that youth can do with little training. But most importantly, they can guarantee a good salary and tips that can help them be independent from the start of their employment.


Youth employment is critical for a healthy and equitable society. But lack of opportunities or training makes it hard for young people to get a job. However, the tourism industry seems ideal to promote youth employment as it offers flexibility, experiences, opportunities for foreigners, and meaningful careers for young people. With more investments in the tourism industry, young NEETs are among those who seem to benefit more from the increased number of work opportunities.   


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