Opportunities for Young People

Many of the countries of the European Union offer grants and opportunities for young people to do internships in important companies in their countries. These grants are usually at national level, but they also exist at European level, thus encouraging young people to undertake internships in countries other than their own.

These programmes aim to recruit highly qualified young people who wish to start a professional career in an international organisation.

International organisations regularly offer internships to graduates or students pursuing higher education. For these students, internships are a way of familiarising themselves with and gaining access to the professional world of international organisations.

There are numerous web platforms that offer these scholarships so that any young person can apply and find out more about them. Some of these websites are:

– https://www.un.org/development/desa/youth/opportunities-within-the-un/internships.html

– https://youth.gov/section/internships

– https://www.youthop.com/internships

This topic is related to the HOSTVET project, as they want to encourage internships among young people, so that they acquire good knowledge and skills that will be useful for the future.

Other volunteer programmes are also offered in United Nations Agencies (UNV), where young people live a volunteer experience for a few months in countries all over the world. More information here: https://www.unv.org/opportunities


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