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Tourism has always played a very important role for the Spanish economy. Spain is one of the first countries in Europe, together with Italy, France and Greece, to attract the highest number of tourists every year. For this reason, the spread of the covid-19 pandemic has heavily damaged the country’s economic interest.

According to official data on the effect of the pandemic, published by the National Institute of Statistics, only in the month of June 2020, the country lost 8 million and 600 tourists, a 98 percent drop. Spain has lost in one month 9,5 billion euros.

This is why the Next Generation EU Funds appear as an effective solution to find the right remedy with the support of the administrations. The transition to a sustainable, technological, competitive and safe model implies a wide-ranging reform process. Europe is putting 140 billion euros on the recovery table as a safe destination for resilience projects in all areas.

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For this reason, in Spain It was created The Vocento EUROForo It can be considered as a space of reflection and discussion on the present and future of the European Union and the tourism sector. Specifically, It consists in different debates on different paths and proposals to revitalize the tourism sector for the Spanish economy.

It is a unique occasion to have a debate between public administrations and the main agents of the sector as to provide answers to the urgent and diverse needs of tourism in Spain. The EUROForo Vocento, sponsored by Banco Santander, becomes the best scenario to design a solid, technological, green, quality, sustainable and competitive tourism structure.

It’s evident that the world is changing and people, expecially after the Pandemic, prefer to behave in a more responsible way choosing sustainable and confortable offers that grant them a quality tourism. Consequently, Spain is focusing on how to arrange the reesources and funding of the EU in the most appropriate way as to rise again as one of the most visited Country in Europe.


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