Benefits of international internships

The past years, pro COVID-19 era, more and more youngsters were willing to travel abroad and realize an internship in their field of expertise. The rapid development of technology and the range of information provided have facilitated the process of realizing an internship abroad.

Even though, many of these activities were ceased during the pandemics that occurred in 2020 and still progressing, let’s not forget the benefits offered to participants who embrace the experience of an internship abroad.

Development of skills

Interpersonal skills are necessary for building positive interactions both inside and outside of the workplace. One of the most valuable aspects of an internship abroad is the opportunity to improve your communication skills in a diverse, cross-cultural environment. The ability to properly converse with people from many cultures will serve you well throughout your career. Despite the reinforcement of communication skills,  an enhancement also occurs on organizational skills, teamwork, taking initiatives etc.

New cultures

When you leave your own country, you will be continuously exposed to cultures and practices that are unfamiliar to you. There’s nothing more fulfilling than being able to navigate a new corporate culture, regardless of how many internships or positions you’ve had at home. Business etiquette varies by region, and successful global professionals will be well-versed in the ins and outs.

New language

Being able to communicate in many languages is a highly sought skill. Young people with foreign language abilities will be at the forefront as more organizations begin to operate abroad. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have attended classes before, an overseas internship is the ideal way to immerse yourself.

Internships are a life-changing experience for everyone. They are frequently the first exposure to a professional setting, where you will face the stress of deadlines, meetings, and interactions with individuals from various backgrounds. In our project HOSTVET-Improvement of the management of local hosting VET organisations in touristic sector, we encourage people to participate in internship opportunities and we are focusing on sharing best practices and develop strategies on the management of hosting organisations to improve this experience for both parties.


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