Adapting to the situation: promoting digital internships

From the 18th to the 20th of May, we had the second transnational meeting of HOSTVET. It was going to be in Portugal, but due to the situation of COVID-19, we had to hold this meeting online. Although a face-t- face meeting is not the same as a remote one, all the partners managed to reach satisfactory conclusions for the project, emphasizing that we must continue with the plan even if we have to face the inconvenience of coronavirus.

Related to this, we considered whether to continue with the same activities of the project or change them a little, but the final conclusion was to take advantage of this “opportunity” and see how we can help tourism companies to cope with this situation in the best possible way.

Another point that was highlighted was the digital internships. From MAD for Europe, during these weeks of confinement, we have been in contact with some participants from different European countries so that they could do their internships online, from their country of origin. Although it is not the same experience as going to another city to do these internships, we want to emphasize that at least they can take advantage of the situation and participate directly in the work of a foreign company. This is not the best solution, since ideally participants travel to another country to live an experience in that country as well as getting the opportunity to work in a company, but it is necessary to adapt to these difficult times, so we firmly believe that this option is very positive.

Remote work experience in a company in another country will also make participants understand the importance of these new opportunities that will enrich their future both personally and professionally.


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