«Virtual Internships in touristic sector»

2020 was an unforgettable year, due to the outbreak of a pandemic crisis, COVID-19, that affected everyone, and the implications of this situation are not over yet. Many sectors experienced tremendous consequences and changes, as the touristic sector that could not fully operate due to all the precaution measures and health restrictions implemented.

Concerning Internships in touristic sector, a subject in line with our project HOSTVET, many companies tried to adjust and implement methods that will allow them to receive interns, even virtually. A virtual internship is a placement where an intern gains professional experience and training while not physically present at the company location. Virtual internships may not suit all industries (e.g. hospitality), but with modern working techniques, improved technology, and the correct training structure, they can be beneficially executed in a wide range of fields.

Internships are not only a way for students to exploit their summer but also create future opportunities, acquire/improve their skills, socialize and so much more. Organizations that had invested in remote work long before the appearance of the coronavirus were perhaps better prepared to transition to virtual internships than those that had not, but all employers had to adjust their practices in some way to develop and run effective virtual programs.

Nonetheless, there are still some positions, of significant importance in tourism, that could not be held remotely and for these positions we could only hope that this situation will end soon, and things will o back to normal eventually.


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