Thoughts and predictions from an entrepreneur in touristic sector for COVID-19 situation

The past few months, due to the pandemic COVID-19 the whole planet has been affected socially, economically and in so many other sectors. We managed to communicate with an entrepreneur, owner of a restaurant “Amente” in an island of Greece, Lefkada and he shared with us his experience, how his business worked the summer of 2020 and how it has been affected by this situation.

Let’s see what he had to say.

“My restaurant was brand new, we have been working on it for a year and we were supposed to open in May, where the touristic season starts here in Greece but due to the situation, we had to open our business end of June and close at the end of September. Here in Lefkada, because it is a big island with population during the winter the touristic season ends usually at the beginning of November, so we only worked for 3 months.

Moreover, we had to keep distance between tables and that means, fewer tables, fewer costumers. We followed all rules and health restrictions, and we were very strict on this matter.

Despite the odds, we worked pretty well. Our customers were mainly Greek, not locals but Lefkada island has the privilege to be connected by road from land and it provided easier access compared to other islands these years. I could not say that it was not a successful initiative even with this unprecedented circumstance and I am really optimist that things will go better.”

These interesting thoughts were shared with us since this situation also affects our project HOSTVET-Improvement of the management of local hosting VET Organizations in touristic sector and the partnership is evaluating all evidence in order to continue the implementation of project’s activities.


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