What is the point of view of the interns doing an internship in another country?

In the case of Spain, at MAD for Europe we had four participants from Latvia during July and August 2020 in Madrid who carried out work placements in a tourist-type restaurant in the city. After their experience, we sent them the HOSTVET partners’ survey for participants to see how their experience went. It was the second experience with Erasmus+ for all of them and they had had training in their country before they came to Madrid.

From this example, we can clearly see that the training programs that young people do in other countries are something very positive for them as they learn to live in another country, very different from their own, in a dynamic and different ways, by following their work customs and living a unique experience.

From the point of view of the companies, it is also beneficial as they learn new customs from their foreign employees, enriching their way of offering the services.

This group from Latvia told us about their experience through the survey, and about the social skills they obtained. We saw that they mainly developed their teamwork and skills of initiation. For them, the best thing was the kindness and atmosphere amongst the staff in the restaurant, and the worst thing was the language barrier with the clients, because they couldn’t speak very good Spanish and that’s why it was a little complicated for them, but they communicated in English.

In regards to the COVID-19 situation, for the most part it did not affect their traineeship, the only thing one participant remark was worry for safety.

To conclude, they said that they would like to spend more time in Spain doing their work placements because they really liked it and the experience was very positive. They want to repeat it and they would recommend these internship programs to a friend or a colleague.


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