Can Tourism offer improve in this COVID-19 era?

We are experiencing the deepest and most extensive crisis in Tourism and in Aviation companies. It is inevitable and expected to lead to relevant changes, with structural impact at global level, and consequently with repercussions at national level. However, many of the challenges facing these sectors today predate this pandemic crisis. Today, the new challenges of health security and the recovery of consumer confidence are of great importance, but there are other problems that already marked the pre-COVID-19 world: movements of consolidation and bankruptcy of airlines and tour operators, climate change, increasing fragmentation of markets, digitization and changes in consumer behavior. These questions raise a number of issues, although the end of the pandemic and all its social and economic impacts have not yet been envisaged. Questions like – “Will the emerging tourist markets be the same as the pre Covid-19? Will the traditional markets maintain their relevance?” – need answers, although this sector is highly resilient, with the capacity to adapt to crises, at this moment volatility remains the watchword.

The new strategies may involve ensuring the facilitation of flows, ensuring the proper health safety conditions, ease of transport and movement, streamlining procedures associated with travel in a coordinated manner at the international level is fundamental for the resumption of air transport and by inherence of tourist activity.

But the most important thing for tourism and aviation companies is to know that restoring consumer confidence is a time-consuming process that it should not underestimate, so they can’t slow down the efforts to ensure health security.


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