As we have already mentioned this summer turned out to be very different from the ones we knew so far, due to the pandemic situation that affected the whole planet.

Summer is the season most known for vacation. Nevertheless, summer is usually linked to internships too, since students can exploit their free time, gain experience and credits in their field of expertise but at the same time travel to new destinations and meet new people.

However, this sector has also been affected by COVID-19 and the need has risen for alternate solutions for the realization of internships this year. Possible options for employers were to cancel, postpone or realize internships virtually. As companies adjusted their summer internships to meet the new reality one difficult task was how to implement internships virtually that will benefit both hosts and interns.

The first step was to set realistic expectations. Not all sectors have the dynamic to adjust to a virtual environment. Certain companies that have already used remote interns before, by choice though, were better prepared and their feedback from their experience this year was positive. In order to make this effort successful, mentoring was used as long as effective communication between interns and management.

It is not a solution that can replace internships with physical presence since the benefits that occur from them outmatch virtual internships. Nevertheless, is a solution to keep in mind since many things have differentiated this year and no official evidence can point out the duration of this unprecedented circumstance and concerns directly project HOSTVET-Improvement of the management of local hosting VET organizations in touristic sector.


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