Summer with COVID-19 in Greece,first evidence

This summer is going to be different for all. We are in the middle of summer season and the first indications show that Greece, a very popular destination for summer vacation is trying to adjust to the new circumstances after the COVID-19 breakout. According to resources, the early lockdown has assisted a lot in the smooth reinstatement and creates a feeling of safety due to the low number of incidents. Many tourists have stated that they feel safer than in their own countries and the less crowd in archeological sites, transportation, has added a quality in their vacation in comparison to previous years.

After the 1st of July, Greece opened the borders to foreign visitors, respecting health restrictions in most cases. Even though Greece has a low rate of coronavirus transmission, is expected to bring in only 15% of last year’s total revenue since tourism is making up more than a fifth of the country’s economic output. Not only the number of visitors is not high as it was in previous years but also the few visitors that arrived have triggered new chains of coronavirus infections. Face masks have become obligatory again. Despite the fact that Greece has weathered the health crisis better than most the situation is still critical, and the results will be mostly visible during winter.

This situation also affects our project HOSTVET-Improvement of the management of local hosting VET Organizations in touristic sector and the partnership is evaluating all evidence in order to continue the implementation of project’s activities.


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