Tourism and Transport guidelines 2020

This year will differentiate a lot from previous years due to the pandemics circumstance that we are all facing. Tourism is one of the first sectors that suffered the consequences of this situation. Many countries and governments had to overcome a great challenge on how to let people travel safely in order to avoid sinking their economy in deeper depths but also respect all the health precautions.

The Commission presented a package of guidelines to help Member States lift travel restriction. The Commission’s Tourism and Transport package includes: a strategy towards recovery in 2020 and beyond, a framework to support the reopening of tourism services after the lockdown with all the necessary restrictions for guest and employees.

Moreover, an effort has been made to make travel vouchers an attractive alternative to cash reimbursement for consumers. Another supportive aid from the part of EU is the funding that provides to all businesses that have been affected by the crisis through the Coronavirus Response Instrument Initiative. Apart from businesses this year governments will also provide assistance to citizens by covering a great amount of a person’s vacation expenses through programs.

It is an unprecedented situation and the effects are not visible yet. We have only seen a small part so far of the consequences of this crisis. Our project HOSTVET is also affected from this situation since it is indissolubly linked to touristic sector.


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