Rural and inland tourism, a hope for the future

When we think of tourism and Spain, the first thing that usually comes to mind is Barcelona, ​​Madrid and the Mediterranean coast. However, tourism in Spain goes much further and the interior of the Iberian Peninsula hides places of great tourist interest.

The medieval cities in the heart of Castilla, the Roman legacy of Extremadura or the Arab heritage of the interior of Andalusia are just some of the examples of the enormous cultural and heritage variety of Spain.

In addition, for nature and countryside lovers, there are numerous national parks and nature reserves in Spain.

This 2020 summer, will be undoubtedly a different summer than other years due to the COVID-19 crisis and that is why inland and rural tourism will be enhanced due to the lower concentration of people than in big cities or on the Mediterranean coast.

In fact, tourism associations of the provinces in the interior of Spain are very optimistic regarding the amount of reservations that are being produced for this summer.

Despite the fact that in other countries the depopulation of inland areas also occurs, in Spain the economic and demographic decline of these areas is already one of the great problems that future generations will have to face. Rural and inland tourism is a very important economic actor for these areas and this type of tourism can mean a hope for the future.


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