HostVet – Second transnational online meeting – Proandi – Portugal

It was three intense days with great Contributions!

Between 18 and 20 of May, the second transnational meeting of the project “HostVet: Improvement of Management of Local Hosting VET Organizations in Touristic Sector” was organized by Proandi with all partners from Spain, Greece and Italy. In view of the situation in which we are unable to move between countries, due to COVID-19, this meeting took place entirely online through videoconference.

During the three days this transnational meeting, administrative issues were discussed and the impact of COVID-19 in each partner country and in Europe was also one of important topic covered. Proandi presented its best practices as an entity that host trainees for Erasmus+ mobilities and also presented the results of some questions asked to the trainees and internship entities, in the return to the activity of restaurants, cafes and pastries. This was an exchange of experiences between the project partners, who considered it an excellent practice and a first approach to the impact of return after confinement due to COVID-19. During the meeting, the hypothesis of doing digital mobilities in the field of Tourism was also analyzed – a measure that can be seen as an alternative, once there is no possibility of traveling (for now) and as a way of facing the Erasmus experience in another way. MAD for Europe partner also shared his experience regarding to this situation. We also highlight the important issues related to the Communication Plan and discussion on the next activities to be carried out and the meetings organized by the partners from Greece (already determined that it will also be held in online format) and Spain at the beginning of next year.

Also very important as a contribution to the meeting and the project were the participation of the guests Fernando Pinho, representative of “Restaurante M Brasa” in Póvoa de Varzim, who told us about his experience and feedback on the first day of the reopening of restaurants in Portugal after the quarantine. Inês Amorim e Susana Ramos, trainees from Proandi courses (ICT and Kitchen/Pastry) shared their experience of Eramus mobility and their fears about doing “post-COVID-19” Erasmus internships.

We also thank the participation of Rita Geriante from Communication, Project Management and Internationalisation Department at School of Health of Instituto Politécnico do Porto, who shared the best practices and procedures about sending and hosting Erasmus+ students in a higher education entity, which was a very positive contribution that clarified the work developed in this scope of transnational projects in higher education entities.

It was three intense days but with great contributions and the certainty that we have many challenges ahead of us, but we also know that all this new situation and normality that we are going through will appear as a new opportunity to do more and better.

As the organizer of this transnational meeting, Proandi appreciate the cooperation of all partners for the excellent development of the three working days.

The next meeting will also be via online, from on 7 to 9 September, under the responsibility of Greece Partner.

We hope to see all of you (in person) in January 2021 at the next transnational meeting in Madrid!


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