2nd Transnational virtual Meeting-Time for innovative ideas

The 2nd Transnational meeting for the project “HostVet: Improvement of Management of Local Hosting VET Organizations in Touristic Sector” was held virtually between 18-20 of May due to the pandemics situation. The initial plan was that the meeting would be realized in Portugal. ProAndi partners from Portugal organized the online meeting providing the platform and arranging the Agenda. All partners from Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece participated in the successful meeting explaining the current situation in their countries and discussing regarding project’s activities and progress.

The duration of the meeting was three days where the host partners shared their best practices from their cooperation with trainees from Erasmus+ mobilities and provided interviews with interns that communicated their experience and shared their perspective concerning the COVID-19 situation and if it would be a limiting factor for future participation in Erasmus+ mobilities. Moreover, the program included interviews from trainers whose business reopened after the pandemics and how they are dealing with all these changes. The general feedback from these testimonies was positive. People have not lost their hope and anticipate a more prosperous future.

During these three days TIA Formazione (coordinator) informed all partners concerning the administrative issues and how the project’s activities will be implemented. The partnership participated in a very interesting brainstorming where ideas such as digital internships and adding some extra activities to the project were suggested. The partnership also decided to have the next Transnational Meeting, that was supposed to be realized in Greece, virtually as well in order to stay safe and protected by the pandemics but at the same time proceed with the development of the project.

The contribution of all partners and their cooperation was satisfying and new ideas were shared. The overall attitude was to adjust to this unprecedented situation and let it motivate us to provide innovative ideas and seize opportunities.


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