How will the hotel world change after Covid-19?

As we already know, the Covid-19 pandemic has represented and still represents a radical change in people’s lives, from all points of view: emotional, occupational, economic. When all this end, the world will no longer return to the normality we were used to, but there will be a “new normality”.

This virus has left the internal world open-mouthed, leading to the ruin of entire families, businesses and economic sectors. The tourism sector is among those most affected. People’s questions and doubts are many: how will this sector recover? How will we get used to staying once this pandemic is over? Will we go back to the sea?

Although there is still no certain and obligatory news, as the scenario is constantly changing every day, the tourism system is working to try to restart and take all the necessary measures – especially hygienic ones -.

In the world hotel, it is important to considerer how its of bars and restaurants will change. In fact, it will be necessary to guarantee the social safety distance, the presence of all utensils, pliers and anything else to avoid direct contact between hands and food. For table service it is recommended to have a maximum of 4 people per 10 square meters. The tables should be positioned so that the distance between the back of one chair and the back of another chair is greater than one meter and that guests who are facing each other are separated by a distance of at least one meter.

In order to survive, hotels will have to revolutionize their organizational structure, but first of all they will have to be able to recover from this economic crisis. Many of them are and will be forced to close for bankruptcy.


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