This year, national tourism

This year, everyone is living under very different conditions than usual due to COVID-19. It is a pandemic that has spread very quickly in many countries, especially in Europe, such as Italy, Spain, Germany, France… More and more countries are affected by the coronavirus and this is influencing tourism quite a lot, since citizens have to stay at home, forcing them to cancel all trips, both tourist and business. Tourism has been stuck all over the world.

That is why campaigns have been created so that when all this is over, citizens will not travel to other countries, but stay in their own nation, visit other cities in their region, thus promoting national tourism. This is a great step because in this way, if many people stay in their country this summer or in the holidays they have, they can encourage tourism in their region, making the economy grow from the inside.

It is a very good and positive initiative for each country because, in addition to promoting the economy, citizens will also get to know regions they did not know before, creating a very positive national spirit.


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