European projects at the time of #covid19

The month of March 2020 was characterized by the #Covid19 pandemic in Italy which prevented us from going out, meeting, comparing, sharing project experiences, planning our periodic meetings.

Europe has suffered and is still suffering from a collective shock from which it will struggle to recover. Our projects have stopped, so also Hostvet for which we are managing to complete the basic activities.

The countries involved in this project, Italy, Spain and Portugal, are suffering a great deal of damage from such a dramatic phase, including Greece and Belgium, although not yet in an acute way.

What is certain is that for the first time all of us Europeans are experiencing a new phase, no flights, no meetings and no particular planning and no one able to predict the future, an obligation to stay at home with scientists who do not know about the disease and cannot calculate its effect and politicians who are confronted with the difficulties of leading countries to which they have to give directions to ensure protection, seeking a continuous balance between the thousands of levers with which we measure ourselves to lead a country.

All this in a framework that sees the European Union itself teetering, prey to national selfishness and the inability to create cohesion and solidarity, despite the thousands of contradictions that the countries of Southern Europe often present. We, here surrounded by empty streets, in front of our PCs, imagining the next stages of our project, thinking about realizing others, and hoping that the post-Covid19 afterwards will reveal that what happened has left a sign of a turning point for a new international balance more supportive without barriers East West, convinced that at each stage an opportunity must be read.


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