Soft skills in tourism field

Each industry requires different skills from its actors on a different scale. Sales and customer service require excellent communication skills, IT requires problem-solving skills and so on. Οn the same wavelength people who work in the tourism field need to have advanced especially their soft skills including the communication ability, and be continuously trained around relevant topics.

Soft skills are a set of skills that are developed and improved within the workplace, linked with the non- technical abilities of the employees. Everyday life in tourism-related jobs are in charge with many tasks, each of which requires special handling especially when it comes to meet, handle and serve the needs of other people – in this case the clients.

Organizational skills and time management in conjunction with multi- tasking are some very useful skills for people working in tourism sector. Along with these, professional integrity, positive approach and teamwork are some of the essential soft skills for a career in this field. Confidentiality is also essential as the employee may need to manage confidential both corporate and customer issues.

Finally, the ability to manage crises and complaints plays a very important role in tourism services, as clients often formulate and support their requirements strongly.

Our project, “HOSTVET: Improvement of the management of local hosting VET organizations in touristic sector” aims to share best practices and develop new strategies about management of hosting organizations, for internship programmes in tourism and cultural and creative enterprises sector.


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