KA2 “HostVet” – Meeting in Brussels

From the 20th until the 23rd of January, MAD for Europe participated in the Kick-off Meeting and Best Practices Meeting of the KA2 project “HostVet” in Brussels, Belgium. The objective of this KA2 Strategic Partnership is to develop new strategies about management of hosting organizations for internships programs in tourism and cultural and creative enterprises sectors.

MAD for Europe is is an international no-profit organization established as a reference training institution and VET provider, specialized in European Training and Mobility programs. Operating in the centre of Madrid, capital of Spain, cultural and financial core of the country, as well as one of the most animated and liveable cities in the world, we usually receive teachers, students, professionals from all over the Europe for their training experience.

For this, the HOSTVET project will give an added value to our activities and an important improvement of our internships management with companies. For identifying common modalities, more European companies should be involved. The goal must be to harmonize the used methods and to improve the quality.

MAD for Europe proposed to conduct a survey with tourism and culture companies in Madrid and in all partners countries to find out about the value that they give to mobility experience in terms of professionalization and acquisition of skills. We also want to find out the real needs of the companies and how to select better candidates for them. In practice, propose to contact the hosting companies explaining the project and the survey, and later ask questions about their experiences with the participants.

It would be very useful to organize for example in our context an Info-Day for companies from all over Spain that are related to tourism and culture, to reach even more potential partners. They shall get to know the opportunities of hiring participants to work with them, thanks to Erasmus +.

We really think this project will be very successful and we are looking forward to share all partners countries Best Practices in order to create a common methodology and strategy in Europe, thanks to its dissemination.


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