HOSTVET kick-off and first good practice meeting, January 2020 in Brussels

The kick-off and first good practice meeting of HOSTVET, „Improvement of the management of local hosting VET organisations in touristic sector” took place from 21 to 23 January 2020 in Brussels, Belgium. The partners from Italy, Belgium, Portugal, Greece and Spain got together for the first time in order to discuss about the project and its implementation, plan the activities as well as to share best practices in the area of VET mobility projects.

The first day of the event started with a presentation of all the five partners cooperating in the project and the signature of the partnership agreement. Ines Caloisi, the director of TIA Formazione, presented the HOSTVET project and guidelines, after which the partners discussed in detail the goals of the project as well as related tasks and activities.

During the second day of the meeting Abbas Armut from Belerasm, the Belgian partner of the project, held a presentation about his organization and shared best practices applied by Belerasm in VET learner mobility management. Afterwards his colleague, Yasemin Armut, introduced to the assembled the European Association of Quality Intermediary Organizations in Mobility, EAQOM, operating in the area of quality standards setting for mobilities. The presentation was attended also by one of the founding members of EAQOM, Manuel Ribeiro Bacelar from CCGPE (Centre de Coopération et Gestion des Programmes Européens), who subsequently presented his organisation and shared the expectations as a sending organisation. The guest of the afternoon’s session was Ms Rita Vandenbroele, HR manager at Renaissance Hotel – Marriott hotels group in Brussels, which yearly host many international interns, including Erasmus+ VET trainees. Ms Vandenbroele admitted that the Group is very satisfied with the cooperation with international interns and shared information about best practices applied in the trainee management.

The last day of the kick-off was dedicated to the detailed presentation of partners’ organizations and suggestions about the implementation of the project. We will meet again during the next transnational HOSTVET meeting which will take place in the city of Povoa de Varzim in Portugal from 18 to 20 May 2020.


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