HostVet Project 2019-2022

This is a blog focused on the project HOSTVET financed in 2019 by Italian National Agency Erasmus Plus project, under the action KA2 strategic partnership sharing good practices. Here the summary:

(HOSTVET) ” Improvement of the management of local hosting  VET organisations in touristic sector”   

The project is focused on sharing best practices and developing new strategies about management of hosting organisations for internship programmes in tourism and cultural and creative enterprises sectors, starting as an example from a territory like Sardinia Island, where the applicant has its local site, that has a very low numbers of enterprises involved in EU projects and a high need to improve the touristic and cultural sector that is a fundamental resource for its economy.

Our partnership has also noticed the same problem and that they also have many difficulties to involve companies, especially micro and small enterprises in ERASMUS+ projects.

In case of Sardinia, the Region also presents an high level of youth unemployment and secondary school dropout, so opening the companies of the Region to the opportunities coming from ERASMUS+ project could be a good chance to:

  1. increase the level of knowledge of ERASMUS+ programme;
  2. increase the number of Sardinian companies involved in ERASMUS+ programme;
  3. improve the management skills of sending/hosting organisations for the period of internship;
  4. support the Europeanisation process of an island like Sardinia;
  5. creating more and better opportunities for students and VET learners that want to get an internship in Sardinia or that from Sardinia want to move abroad, improving their occupability percentage also at European level

To reach these objectives the partnership’s aim is:

  • detect and share the best methodologies to support companies to be involved in ERASMUS+ project;
  • raise awareness and knowledge about the ERASMUS+ programme to facilitate the involvement of qualified enterprises and organisations that will host VET learners in Europe;
  • work on sharing best practices on management of sending/hosting organisations that will involve VET learners in mobility projects;sharing best practices that could get an impact also at level of ERASMUS+ best practices.
  • sharing best practices that could get an impact also at level of ERASMUS+ best practices.


On 13 May 2020 the Belgian partner of the project BELERASM withdrew from the project. Belerasm contributed to the project in the period from October 2019 to April 2020.


TM meeting in Póvoa de Varzim (PT) 13–15 July 2022 – Agenda of the meeting: 

Bimonthly Online Meeting 07-02-2022 – Agenda of the meeting: 

TM meeting in Madrid (ES) 29/30/11 – 01/12/2021 – Agenda of the meeting: 

TM meeting in Larissa (GR) 26-28 July 2021 – Agenda of the meeting: 

Skype meeting 16 April 2021 – Agenda of the meeting:

Skype meeting 13 January 2021 – Agenda of the meeting:

Call online “Deliverables and next programme after mid term and new deadline” 24.09.2020 – Agenda of the call:

Skype meeting 9 September 2020 – Agenda of the meeting:

Meeting online Portugal 18-20.05.2020 – Agenda of the meeting:

Meeting in Belgium 21-23.01.2020 – The first in Brussels from 21 to 23 January 2020 kick off and meeting hosted by Belgian partner BELERASM

The dates of the meetings will be organized according to the impact #covid and the deadline of the project has been postponed to 31 July 2022

Methodologies of work

The project foresees the implementation of a communication plan and guidelines that will be observed by all partnership, it will deal with time of answer to the e-mail, times of partner agreement, roles in the project, dissemination and communication activities, verification of level of activities really made, social network and deliverables foreseen for the project.

Survey for companies (adapted to COVID-19)

Material of Dissemination

Here the material to enrich impact and dissemination.

Health and Safety Guide – here one of the dissemination document arranged due to the unpredictable #covid19 how to manage Vet activities during pandemic events, attached the versions in all languages of the partner’s countries